Oil and Gas Upstream Podcast: Patrick Sullivan Joins Host Elena Melchert

Energy, Technology

Oceanit CEO Dr. Patrick K. Sullivan joined the Oil and Gas Upstream Podcast and host Elena Melchert this week to share some of Oceanit’s newest energy innovation stories and the mindset that empowers the creation of new, disruptive technologies.

In the episode, Melchert and Sullivan discuss Oceanit’s ethos as a “mind to market” technology company, and Sullivan shares insights from his book Intellectual Anarchy: the Art of Disruptive Innovation.

The mindset of Intellectual Anarchy has led Oceanit to address climate issues, energy, hydrogen, and decarbonization, under an initiative called EDGE: Energy Decarbonization for the Global Environment. Dr. Sullivan shares his thoughts on why the climate crisis is the defining issue of our era, and why Oceanit firmly believes that with the determination to marshal science, technology, and engineering — as well as a willingness to discover, explore, and deploy disruptive innovations — we can make a difference and leave the world on a better course for the future.

Elena Melchert is a former director for the Upstream Oil and Gas Research Division at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). She was a Program Manager at the DOE from 1990–2013, and led the development of several DOE technology research plans and programs including: Advanced Drilling, Completion and Stimulation Research Program Plan, and the Offshore Technology Roadmap. From 1995-2000, she served as the Department of Energy’s U.S. Coordinator for Natural Gas in the Western Hemisphere under the President’s Summit of the Americas/Western Hemispheric Energy Initiative. In 2001, she served as a member of the Senior Professional Staff for oil and gas technology at the Executive Office of the President of the United States/National Energy Policy Development Group, and provided subject matter expertise for the President’s National Energy Policy.

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